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$1000 School Bursary

NIWRA awards an Annual Bursary of $1000 to schools on Vancouver Island who can develop a project that directly impacts the health of wildlife and/or the environment on Vancouver Island.


The NIWRA Board of Directors will name a Bursary Committee chaired by board members.  The Bursary Committee will review all applications submitted to determine eligibility and select a project that best reflects the ideals of the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre.

The application deadline is midnight, Saturday, October 31, 2015 and will be strictly adhered to. No further applications will be accepted for review following this date. 

Upon a decision of the Bursary Committee members, the recipient will be notified.  The recipient will be invited to partake in media recognition of their project. 


An award may be withheld or cancelled for any of the following reasons:  lack of suitable candidates, failure to meet the terms and conditions of the award, or withdrawal of the award by the donor. 

NIWRA and its Board of Directors only assume liability of payment of bursaries to the extent that expected gifts from donors or funds available are realized.  NIWRA is not responsible for any liability incurred by the the project itself.


  • The competition is open to all Vancouver Island schools or classrooms - regardless of age
  • The Committee is looking for a project that makes a lasting impact on wildlife.


Schools are expected to make a presentation of their project upon completion to the Board of Directors of NIWRA and to provide accounting of the funds used.

Funds must be used to carry out the project.

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2015-2016 Deadline is Saturday, October 31, 2015! -- Thank you to the classes who have submitted a project proposal for this year. Project proposal applicants will be contacted directly.

Applications may be sent to:  wildlife 

2013-2014 Bursary Winners

Jeannie Diewold's Kindergarten class at Errington Elementary

Kindergarten Students from Errington Elementary

In 2014, we awarded our first ever Annual $1,000 Wildlife or Environmental Education Bursary to teacher Jeannie Diewold's Kindergarten class at Errington Elementary.  She has used the funds from NIWRA to create a food garden at the school to help her young students learn more about the interconnectedness of life.  She has dubbed the project "Growing Awareness".  As their garden grows, Ms. Diewold's students will compare their human-cultivated garden with "nature's garden" and reflect on the similarities and differences between the two. 

The kindergarten class project has impacted others in the school as well, with grade 5 students helping to clear broom from the garden space and grade one students creating signs, one for the garden itself - "The Refuge" - as well as signage for the plants.

The children's fondest wish is to grow enough crop that they can donate to the North Island Wildlife Centre.  We wish them every success in their endeavor!