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Imprinting of animals

Imprinting 0f Animals - "making pets of wildlife"

One dictionary defines imprinting as an "indelibly distinguishing effect or influence" In reference to imprinting of wild animals. this irreversible influence can become deadly. At an early age animals can be influenced to associate with humans rather than their own species, or in other words can be made a pet.

Making pets of wildlife offers more trouble than joy.

Wildlife carry parasites and other diseases which could be harmful to humans, especially children.

Imprinted animals are unpredictable and could show aggression toward their human handlers.

Animals can be a long term commitment and some individuals tire of caring for an imprinted animal. Consequently, some imprinted animals are released into the wild, doomed to certain death because they lack appropriate survival skills.Permits are required to possess wildlife in some provinces and states.

Regulations are necessary to keep wildlife free and protected.



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